Xingfeng is principally a community ecologist and biogeographer, with a special interest in animal ecology. Using functional and phylogenetic approaches, his current research examines community assembly of island faunas, biodiversity changes after habitat fragmentation, and human impacts on biodiversity at the large scale.

Research Interests

Beta diversity, biodiversity conservation, biotic homogenization, camera trap, community assembly, functional trait, habitat fragmentation, imperfect detection, island biogeography, land-use change, occupancy model, phylogenetic diversity, species interaction, urban ecology, wildlife monitoring.


2018–present Professor, East China Normal University

2016–2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

2014–2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Zhejiang University

2016 Visiting Scholar, Harvard University


2008–2014 Ph.D. Ecology, Zhejiang University

2012–2013 Visiting Student. Ecology, Duke University

2004–2008 B.S. Biological Science, Zhejiang Normal University

Selected Grants

2024–2027 Temporal dynamics and maintenance mechanisms of plant-frugivorous bird networks in fragmented habitats. National Natural Science Foundation of China (32371590)

2023–2026 Interactions between land-use change and island biogeography as drivers of animal community assembly in the Zhoushan and Caribbean Archipelagos. National Natural Science Foundation of China (32311520284)

2021–2024 Effects of imperfect detection on estimates of bird diversity: a long-term case study in the Thousand Island Lake. National Natural Science Foundation of China (32071545)

2019–2022 Plant-animal mutualistic networks in fragmented habitats of the Thousand Island Lake. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31872210)

2016–2018 Taxonomic and functional beta diversity of bird and mammal communities in fragmented habitats of the Thousand Island Lake. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31500453)

Selected Awards

2022 IOU Fellow, International Ornithologists’ Union

2020 Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar), Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning

2019 Shanghai Rising-Star Program Award, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

2018 Outstanding Young Ecologist Award, Ecological Society of China

2017 Cheng Tso-Hsin Young Ornithologist Prize, Cheng Tso-Hsin Trust for Ornithology

Professional Services and Affiliations

Editor of Biological Conservation (2021–present)

Associate Editor-in-Chief of Zoological Research: Diversity and Conservation (2023–present)

Associate Editor of Avian Research (2018–present)

Associate Editor of Journal of Animal Ecology (2017–present)

Associate Editor of Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2023–present)

Associate Editor of Wildlife Letters (2022–present)

Editorial Member of Zoological Research (2022–present)

Youth Editor of Integrative Zoology (2022–present)