Selected Publications

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  1. Xingfeng Si, Marc W. Cadotte, Di Zeng, Andrés Baselga, Yuhao Zhao, Jiaqi Li, Yiru Wu, Siyu Wang, Ping Ding. (2017) Functional and phylogenetic structure of island bird communities. Journal of Animal Ecology, in press.
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  2. Xingfeng Si, Andrés Baselga, Fabien Leprieur, Xiao Song, Ping Ding. (2016) Selective extinction drives taxonomic and functional alpha and beta diversities in island bird assemblages. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 409-418.
  3. Xingfeng Si, Stuart L. Pimm, Gareth J. Russell, Ping Ding. (2014) Turnover of breeding bird communities on islands in an inundated lake. Journal of Biogeography 41:2283-2292.
  4. Xingfeng Si, Andrés Baselga, Ping Ding. (2015) Revealing beta-diversity patterns of breeding bird and lizard communities on inundated land-bridge islands by separating the turnover and nestedness components. PLoS ONE 10: e0127692.
  5. Xingfeng Si, Roland Kays, Ping Ding. (2014) How long is enough to detect terrestrial animals? Estimating the minimum trapping effort on camera traps. PeerJ 2: e374.