Principal Investigator

Dr. Xingfeng Si (斯幸峰)

Email: sixf(at)

Research interests: Animal ecology, habitat fragmentation, island biogeography, biodiversity conservation

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Yuhao Zhao (赵郁豪)

Email: yhzhao(at)

Research interests: Community ecology, island biogeography, myrmecology, conservation biology

Dr. Yangheshan Yang (杨阳河山)

Email: yhsyang(at)

Research interests: Community ecology, plant-animal interaction, food web, paleozoology

Dr. Di Zeng (曾頔)

Email: dzeng(at)

Research interests: biodiversity, defaunation, ecological networks in fragmented habitats, rodent seed dispersal

PhD Students

Wande Li (李万德)

Email: wande_li(at)

Research interests: Ornithology, plant-animal interaction, ecological network, community ecology

Xiangxu Liu (刘巷序)

Email: liuxiangxu2008a(at)

Research interests: Urban ecology, bird diversity and distribution, ecosystem services

Yue Wang (王月)

Email: wymoon666(at)

Research interests: biodiversity conservation, animal ecology, biogeography

Peng Han (韩鹏)

Email: Peng.han_ecology(at)

Research interests: Community ecology, soundscape ecology, animal adaptation to urbanization, conservation biology

Master’s Students

Duorun Wang (王铎润)

Email: wdr19941021(at)

Research interests: Community ecology, island biogeography, meta-network, conservation biology

Yi Kang (康熠)

Email: yi_kang0809(at)

Research interests: Biodiversity, bird diversity, island Biogeography

Guangpeng Wei (魏广鹏)

Email: guangpengwei(at)

Research interests: Fragmentation, biodiversity and conservation, elevation

Rui Wang (王蕊)

Email: maliaoyaoyao(at)

Research interests: Biodiversity, behavioral ecology, island biogeography

Chenxiao Wu (武辰晓)

Email: wuchenxiao2021(at)

Research interests: Community Ecology, island Biogeography, myrmecology

Jiaxin Li (李佳昕)

Email: jxli(at)

Research interests: Bird diversity, community ecology, conservation biology, elevation

Wei Lu (卢伟)

Email: luwei0712(at)

Research interests: Biodiversity and conservation, bird diversity, island biogeography

Yao Shen (沈瑶)

Email: shenyao(at)

Research interests: Bird diversity, conservation biology, urban ecology

Undergraduate Students

Guzi Ao, Shihao Yin, Yaping Liu: Bird diversity, water area, urban park

Yuxin Su, Ruoxi Wu: Free-ranging cats and dogs, species distribution, urban habitat

Lab Alumni

Research Assistant: Shupei Tang

Undergraduate Students: Xinyi Liu, Yao Shen, Jiaxin Li; Zhengyi Liu, Luhang Jiang, Dana Yi